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The Japanese Red Cross Society does not refuse the support from all over the world.

Last night, I talked to the Japanese Red Cross Society(JRCS) and they admitted that JRCS had not extensively appealed for donations for the damages caused by the earthquake and tsunami, however the donations are solicited on the International Red Cross Society website. Also the JRCS said that the donation from all over the world would be used for the reconstruction with deepest gratitude.

International Red Cross Society
About the donations to Japan

The information bulletin from IFRC on 15 March says that Japan did not need any support, which turned to be the news source for many cases. In my opinion, this information had been transmitted before the damage situation became apparent. In fact, the damage is extensive, and over 10 thousand lives and 500 thousand houses are losted. JRCS and IFRC beyond doubt are raising money to save the disaster victims. We ask all the media concerned parties in countries to confirm the latest information.
Japan does not refuse the support from all over the world.

The German pump car made by PUTZMEISTER prevented the field of nuclear accident from overheating, which has averted the worst situation. Japanese citizen are very thankful for the German technical capabilities.

Dear Friends, [その他]

I strongly hope you notice my weblog.

9 days have passed since the earthquake hit Japan.

After the earthquake I have received e-mails of condolence and encouragement from my dear friends overseas. Every time I replied "I'm okay".
Certainly I was not hurt, and I spent the past few days without big problems. Now I can manage to overlook the situation around me calmly, and I have noticed.
Still people who lost homes and families are staying evacuation centers and there they spend sleepless nights. They are waiting for help without sufficient medicines, food and electricity, in cold and snowy environments.
One of the survivors said in the radio program, "I lost everything, but I can't help accepting the situation. I don't envy other people, so I want people in other areas live on same as usual" This reveals his true feeling which Japanese people have in common; people tend to feel guilty when they bother others. But we should know the harsh reality; if we live on as usual, many more people's lives will be lost, and also their hope will be lost. The help from around the world as well as people in other areas in Japan is needed.
So I would like to ask our friends, everyone in the world. please save Japan. Please help the afflicted people. I have given a donation through International Red Cross Society. I'd like to ask anyone in the world for contribution as well.

International Red Cross Society

The nuclear power plant accident have caused a lot radiation leakage in nature. If it is far from Fukushima, it is said not to be harmful for human health. I believe that too. The air and the sea alike is connected to every part on the earth, so I am afraid this will have some influence to people in the world, since they should receive radiation even a little which should not be in nature. The Japanese government has focused on dealing with the accident and cannot afford to express concerns about that. So I want to apologize to you as a Japanese person. In order not to forget about this accident forever and not to allow this kind of accident happen again, I will seek to act for the abolition of nuclear power plants.

Now what I can do is donation and fund-raising, which will be helpful for the reconstruction. I may have to resort to your idea and resource in the future again. Please cooperate when the time has come.

Finally I would really like to thank the rescue of your country, who rushed to Japan for helping us.

Thank you.

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LIVING DESIGNのイタリア特集号は、今はもう手元には残っていないけど、あんな仕事がまたできたらいいなと思う。いつか、実現できるだろうか。
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